H’AIN SS16 is the new step of Ignacia Zordan’s long-term project, in which the essence of the brand: an ungendered samurai spirit is enhanced.

Introducing a new print, primitive in nature it refers to a universe where instincts prevail over reason. The same organic feeling is expressed by

raw edges, that let the fabric follow its natural shape; and the color of blood, our core substance which unveils the idea of a violent form of

sensuality, emphasized by the utilization of laces. The concept of “essence” sustains Ignacia Zordan’s desire to create a line which endures as one

and only collection that keeps expanding it self.

H’AIN Look Book -Photo Alex Raduan-Art direction Mikolaj Sokolowski-Styling Julien Schmitt-Make Up Anna Sadamori-Model Smita Lasrado-

Art piece used for setdesign: “Eclipse”, 2014 by Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo 

Special thanks to Louise Briskmann-Milena Rojas-Fran Gajardo-Renato Sandoval-ROD-Studio Daylight-20Y.RS