In this second anniversary collection, the Chilean designer presents in Paris a universal line with a Latin American seal. While highlighting local culture and the tribes that inspire her, Ignacia Zordan challenges the vision of strong women and gender empowerment. The collection challenges temporality and the social construction of time and place in an increasingly globalized world where seasons have ceased to have a traditional beginning and end. By rejecting ‘fast fashion’ and its mercantile ambitions, the immediacy of see-now-buy-now, Ignacia Zordan places quality and sustainability at the heart of her designs. With Ignacia Zordan, the user assumes the role of a stylist to become an active participant in the construction of their own identity; the role of the designer is to bring substance and matter to the genius of each individual. This can be seen on a material level as well: Ignacia Zordan emphasizes the relationship between skin and fabric and the designer herself reworks each fabric, favoring comfortable materials that adapt to different bodies. Always in conversation with various artists, Ignacia Zordan has most recently collaborated with Samia Giobellina to deconstruct and reimagine previous collections. The resulting product is a statement focusing on the concept of the brand and the role of each piece within.

-SS17 Campaign by CG Watkins -Styling Samia Giobellina–Assistant Stylist Yumna Mirza-Make Up Céline Exbrayat-Hair Latthayot Saiyasat -Models Sophie, Zoia -SS17 Look book -Photo Yulya Shadrinsky-Styling Samia Giobellina-Make Up Céline Exbrayat-Hair Latthayot Saiyasat -Assistant Stylist Yumna Mirza-Models Lisa, Lila, Sophie, Rebecca, Eva, Emmanuelle, Zoia, Nora, Lou, Clara, MariaH, Thomas, Alexandre, Dourane-. This presentation was made possible thanks to the talent and support from Mouna Benouhoud, Louise Briskmann, David Bourhis, Romain Bylinski, Ben Elliot, Anna Fuller, Alice Gabbaï, Samy Ghiyati, Ophelie Gromar-Heurtault, Marita Gurcciani, Anaïs Kruczynski, Jaqueline Langsam, Martin Lazlo, Agathe Lizier-Potel, Thomas Massias, Léa Mazet, Fabio Merche, Yumna Mirza, Roberta Nicolini, Andy Picci, Paul Padzalo, Angela Parada, Lena Rogoff, Latthayot Saiyasat, Yulya Shadrinsky, Maria Paz Santibañez Viani, Semi Son, Felipe Vasquez, CG Watkins, Dante Zordan and the Chilean Embassy in Paris team. Produced by 20Y.RS- Music by Alobhe-  Video, Laszlo, image Margaux Nieto-Laszlo -