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Debut Project H’AIN is a cycle composed by multiple projects in the fields of photography, video art, music, and nightlife. H’AIN is an open dialogue between feminity and masculinity, luxury and ready to wear. Sophisticated yet functional.

Inspired by the graphical dimension of south-american tribes, each garment focuses on comfort and freedom, with a strong relation to the skin. 

The project is inspired by the Selk’nam body paintings: being naked and dressed with patterns at the same time. The rite H’ain, in the Selk’nam's culture, marks the passage from childhood to adulthood, and mythologically refers to a social struggle of genders. It is said that H’ain was formerly a ceremony professed by women to scare men and maintain their social position.Women were «dressed» with masks and paintings to represent their importance in family and community. According to the same myth, men discovered the farce behind the masks and subsequently made it a male ritual.


It is the same rollover that justifies the androgynous character of the collection. Womenswear garments that are inspired by menswear, garments become a vindication of gender equality as it seeks to represent a woman who does not need to reaffirm her femininity through sexuality. Unisex brings equality and freedom of choice.

-H’AIN Video -Directed by Anaïs Commaret & Martin Laszlo-Artistic Direction: Ignacia Zordan & Anaïs Commaret-

-Hair Barthelemy Joris-Make Up Gaëlle Bonnot-Featuring Azuli, Eri, Juliet, Vanya-

-Music “Bad Roses” by Butterclock (Laura Clock)-

-Special thanks to Alex June / Punksachiens-

H’AIN Look Book -Photo by Alex Raduan-Styling by INI-Styling assistant Naima Ouaret-

-Hair Kaz-Make up Alex June-Models Noemi/De Russie

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